In a bid to empower communities and enhance their skills, a series of training sessions on twining using the Bilugan machine have been carried out recently. The sessions, led by the experienced trainer, Mr. Ramil Rosales, have focused on improving the quality of rope production and expanding participants’ skill sets.

Training Session 1: IRDF Demo Center, Matanao, Davao Del Sur On October 9, 2023, Ramil Rosales, an expert on the production of Coconut husk by-products, conducted a comprehensive training program. This training aimed to equip 2 women and 2 men from Kahugpongan sa Kababayen-ang Mag-uuma sa Barayong (KKMB), along with 4 women from Tamlangon Women Workers Association (TWWA), with the knowledge and skills to produce high-quality ropes using the Bilugan twinning machine.

The participants had previously undergone training from PCA, but the quality of their one-ply coco ropes was not up to par. In response, the team recommended retraining, specifically employing the Bilugan machine. Ramil led the participants through the intricacies of this machine, ensuring they produced superior ropes.

Additionally, during the session, Ramil imparted the technique of crafting coco poles using PVC pipes. This additional skill promises to be a valuable asset for the participants.

Training Session 2: Budasan MPC, Makilala, North Cotabato On October 12, 2023, the focus shifted to the Budasan Multi-Purpose Cooperative as Mr. Ramil Rosales, Chief Executive Officer of Rosales Supplies and Service Plant Propagation, conducted a twining training for three groups of women.

Ten women from various groups came together to learn the art of twining, business development, and coconut husk processing, aligning with the DMDP’s coco husks valorization key performance indicator.

During the session, participants engaged in twining using the twining machine and the Bilugan, ensuring proper twine production. In the afternoon, they were introduced to the craft of making coco poles. This versatile skill has the potential for profitability, particularly in the context of flower gardens.

The training culminated in distributing twining and Bilugan equipment to the participants for practice and income generation. Notably, the Kisante group swiftly took up the opportunity, while minor repairs were required before distributing the remaining equipment.

The future holds even more promise for these groups. If they continue to produce high-quality ropes, a weaving training session for geonet production is on the horizon. Mr. Ramil Rosales, who is actively involved in projects in Mindanao, expressed interest in procuring these products for his initiatives.

These training sessions empower individuals with valuable skills and contribute to local businesses and communities. As participants put their new knowledge into practice, the impact on their lives and the local economy is expected to be significant.

Congratulations on the job well done! We wish nothing but to expect a better and more productive livelihood for all participants in the training.

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