On November 14, 2023, a transformative initiative unfolded as Don Bosco Micro Enterprise Center conducted a comprehensive training program for women officers of Tubon Coconut Farmers Association (TUCOFA), an esteemed partner organization of the IRDF.

The training focused on the development of small-scale micro-enterprises, emphasizing the production of diverse products such as coco cookies, coco chips, coco candy, and the art of Bukhayo making. All are delicious favorites among Filipinos.

This collaboration between Don Bosco, TUCOFA, and IRDF underscores a commitment to fostering sustainable development, empowering women, and creating avenues for economic self-sufficiency. The training program is not only a testament to the organization’s dedication to community growth but also a strategic effort to enhance the entrepreneurial skills of TUCOFA women officers.

As these officers delve into the intricacies of micro-enterprise development, the products they learn to create contribute not only to economic viability but also promote the rich heritage of coconut-based products. The initiative aligns with broader goals of promoting self-sustainability, women’s empowerment, and fostering local economies.

The partnership highlights the positive impact that collaboration between non-profit organizations and micro-enterprise initiatives can have on community development. It is anticipated that the skills acquired during this training will not only benefit the individual participants but also catalyze positive change within the broader community, aligning with the shared vision of TUCOFA, IRDF, and Don Bosco Micro Enterprise Center.

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