Basiawan, Sta. Maria, October 11, 2023
On October 4, UNICARBAI Multi-Purpose Cooperative (UMPC) started their enterprise into coco husk processing, a new venture for the cooperative.
The path was not without its initial challenges, but as of October 11, UMPC is set to make their first delivery to the Biogrow Plant in Malalag, with 266 sacks of processed chips.
At present, UMPC has deployed four operators or coco husks chippers as a team working in a single shift to manage their chipping operations. These dedicated operators have been properly trained in ensuring the machinery’s efficient operation.
Simultaneously, UMPC is actively focused on building expertise within their workforce. Workers are in the process of learning the necessary skills to operate the new equipment effectively. Additionally, they are rigorously following established systems for daily husk processing, demonstrating a commitment to quality and efficiency.
Looking ahead, UMPC has plans to secure more processed husks or coco chips. Their goal is to ramp up production volume in the coming days, emphasizing their dedication to growth within the coco husk processing enterprise.
Congratulations UMPC for reaching this significant milestone in your coco husk processing endeavor. Your journey serves as an example of dedication, perseverance, and a commitment to excellence, leaving a mark on the industry’s landscape.
Thanks also to IRDF, BIOGROW and DANIDA’s partnership for making this opportunity for coconut farmers in their quest for economic growth through the valorization of coco husks.


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